Very old people, due to their reduced mobility and debilitating disabilities, need other people to do things for them. With the increasing trend of nuclear families in society and with fewer children in the family, such as elders who have no children, such elders who have been destitute or kicked out of the home; the care of older persons in the families gets increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard the elderly people who are absolutely neglected, ill-treated and vulnerable. It could be addressed by establishing a caregiving unit, especially for the elderly people that will dedicatedly work on meeting their needs.

Adopt With Dignity is a project run by Swapanasathi Foundation since 2020. It is to provide monthly ration kits to the elderly who are sick, poor, abandoned and have no one to look after in their old age. Our NGO has been regularly providing food kits to our adopted families and now we are looking for donations so that we can adopt more such families and provide them with a dignified life so that they needn’t beg or starve in their old age. We are thinking of adopting 50 such elderly and also want to provide them with essential medicines, help them pay their electricity bills & rents apart from the ration kit. Hence we require an amount of 10-15lacs so that we can do that.

Utilization of Fund    :-   20 Lakh Annually

 per Ration Kit Cost is Rs 1000/- per month  which includes

 5kgs Rice

5kgs Atta 

1Liter Oil

2Kg  Dal

1Kg  salt

200gm Mirchi Powder

200gm Haldi Powder

1Kg  Sugar, 

500gm Tea, 

500gm Jaggery
1000*50=50000/- per month
50000 * 12months = 6 Lakh

Any contribution will be of immense help. Do contribute and share this  link with your friends and family.