It is rightly said, “Books are man’s best friend”. However, books are inaccessible to many people because of their meagre purchasing power, which is sometimes not even sufficient to pay for their basic needs like food and shelter. Underprivileged people are denied their basic rights and are thus victims of the vicious circle of poverty. This vicious circle can be broken by educating these people which can be done if books are made accessible to these people. Swapanasathi Foundation believes today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and hence aims to reach those children who are denied their basic right to education due to their inability to afford it. Hence, Swapanasathi Foundation organises various book distribution campaigns throughout the year to provide free books and stationery to underprivileged children. These campaigns are very beneficial for realising the sustainable development goal of providing education to all.

Under this campaign, we collect, collate and distribute books in schools, colleges, and different slum areas of Tri-city. After we procure books from our sources, we compile them into different sets and volunteers select areas where we can distribute them.

Our organization’s goal is to increase the accessibility of education and keeping this in mind we also provide new books to needy students if by any chance we are not able to procure them.

A book set for a school student costs us around Rs. 1500/- and for college students its around Rs. 2000/- Please help us in achieving our goal.


School Educational Kit

  • Donate Rs. 1500/- to provide education kit for 1 child
  • Donate Rs. 3000/- to provide education kit for 2 children
  • Donate Rs. 4500/- to provide education kit for 3 children
  • Donate Rs. 6000/- to provide education kit for 4 children
  • Donate Rs. 7500/- to provide education kit for 5 children
  • Donate Rs. 9000/- to provide education kit for 6 children

College Educational Kit

  • Donate Rs. 2000/- to provide for 1 college student
  • Donate Rs. 4000/- to provide for 2 college students
  • Donate Rs. 6000/- to provide for 3 college students
  • Donate Rs. 8000/- to provide for 4 college students
  • Donate Rs. 10000/- to provide  for 5 college students
  • Donate Rs. 12000/- to provide for 6 college students