The pandemic has affected all of us in drastic ways. We, SWAPANASATHI FOUNDATION are in urgent need of funds for deprived children. Our fantastic volunteers have risen to the challenge and continue to provide their very best in every online class – teaching core subjects, conducting regular assessments, and keeping the children engaged with fun co-curricular activities.  A little help from you will ensure our members continue their noble works.

Our Problem in Detail:
Most of our students belong to low and single-income families that have been the worst affected by the onset of COVID19. Their fragile financial situation is threatened further by job losses and a severe scarcity of resources.  

This project will HELP a quality education to the most marginalized students in inaccessible rural areas. Through this project, more than 200 children from six remote rural areas are empowered through education and will also receive life skills and
leadership training. In addition to sexual and reproductive health information for the girls.

We estimate that every educated person will help impact the lives of a minimum of 10 other people in his life, leading to better outcomes for himself, his family, and his community.


India has the highest rate of illiterate adults, with an overall literacy rate of 77.7%. Reports find that 43.7% of women age five and above have never had any formal education or enrolled themselves in any educational institution.


Additionally, in this devastating time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children who were getting an education are now at home without receiving an education, as rural schools lack resources to teach online. We also saw in the previous lockdown that child marriage, female abuse, and other acute issues for girls rose. Access to essential resources such as sanitary napkins was limited.

The rural children will be empowered through various activities at informal schools run by us. Through this project, 223 children from six rural areas will be empowered through education.

Places of our Informal school
Kalha Village in Ayodhya Hill,  Puruliya: 27 tribal Students have been enlisted
Kalha Village in Sahara Hill,  Puruliya: 24 tribal Students have been enlisted
Belpahari, Junglemahal: 67 tribal Students have been enlisted
Belapur, Monohor Sai Ankara: 56 tribal Students have been enlisted
Arturia, Tertulia: 29 deprived Students have been enlisted
Staff quarter,  Habra: 20 deprived Students have been enlisted

Can I avail of tax benefits?
Yes, you will get a 50% tax benefit under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Is any portion of this money assigned to overhead expenses?
No, 100% goes towards the child’s education

Can I support your mission in other ways?
You can volunteer with us and help in the smooth operations of these informal schools (there are many ways to do this remotely)